The Technicolour Sleep 2 x 12 Deluxe Vinyl


Released on the vinyl format for the first time in the last six years. The American Dollar's "The Technicolour Sleep" has been been deserving the vinyl treatment since it's release and that's why we are proud to announce our continued effort of releasing this band's music on our favorite format. Learning a little about the process from our first release from The American Dollar's "A Memory Stream" we decided to not step back from our deluxe over the top approach of releasing vinyl but instead decided to step it up. We didn't use an all in one type release formula we went to different places for everything and we think the final product looks incredible.

The standard edition is anything but printed on 20pt high gloss UV with two limited color options:

Red (Ltd to 106)
Pinkish Brown (Ltd to 111)

*All copies of the album come with a complimentary high quality stem download

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