Complete CD Discography (10 CDs) + Download


All 10 of The American Dollar's Releases on CD

The American Dollar (2006)
The Technicolour Sleep (2007)
A Memory Stream (2008)
Ambient One (2009)
Atlas (2010)
Ambient Two (2010)
Live In Brooklyn (2012)
Awake In The City (2012)
Ambient Three (2012)
Across The Oceans (2015)

Please note, From The Inland Sea is Not Included In This Package as it is now OOP

Plus a Download Card for MP3 Versions of Most Albums + OOP Eps + B-Sides.

OOP Releases On Download Card Include:
From The Inland Sea (American Dollar Portion of Split)
B-Sides - 4 B-Side Tracks

Also Includes Download of Discography in MP3, FLAC or Apple Lossless (Sent via email usually within 24 hours)


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